Kakheti is one of the best places in Georgia to discover

Kakheti is one of the best places in Georgia to discover

November 16

Georgia is famous for its culture, hospitability, cuisine, nature and many other things. One of the best places to discover all of these things is Kakheti  located in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti to the mountains of Tusheti. The capital of this region is Telavi, and despite Telavi, it has 7 administrative districts. Kakheti is considered as a wine region. Now in November, you can find newly pressed wine in the Kakheti region. While traveling in Kakheti, you meet many wineries such as Tsinandali winery, Khareba winery, etc. Each of them has its vineyards and make local wine. Kakheti region is best known for three cities: Telavi, Signagi, and Kvareli. These cities are full of Georgian cultural monuments, beautiful nature.


Telavi is the capital of Kakheti region from ancient times. It has a lot of  historically important buildings. The Old Walls,  was the fortress of the first Kakhetian king. It built in the 9-10th century. The church of St.Mary  dated at  16th century.  The church of Holy Trinity dated at the 6th century. The only well-preserved fortress from medieval Georgia called Fortress of Master("Batonis Tsikhe") is located in Telavi. Telavi region also includes Alaverdi Catherdral (dated at 11th century), Ikalto Academy where Georgian famous writer Shota Rustaveli studied. Shuamta, the complex of three different churches from different periods, and Tsinandali Gardens - the residency of the Chavchavadze family. Despite city sightseeing, you can enjoy the great view of the Caucasian range. Besides you can  spend time in wonderful cafes and restaurants.


Signagi is another famous city in Kakheti Region. It is known as the "city of love" because many couples visit  for getting married. The city was built in the 18th century during the time of King Erekle. It has one fortress with walls about 2 km long and with 25 towers and 5 entrances.  While visiting Signagi, you can enjoy the view of Alazani Valley. Moreover,  you can visit Bodbe Monastery located near  the city. Bodbe Monastery was built in the 9th century and this is the place where the remains of St.Nino are preserved.


Kvareli is a town in the northeastern part of Kakheti. It was the birthplace of Georgian writer  Ilia Chavchavadze. And one of the local museum is the house of Ilia Chavchavadze.  This area is the center of Kakheti wine-producing. It is  famous for the Kindzmarauli red semisweet wine. You can enjoy the Nekresi Monastery complex, museum of Gremi, and different wineries, such as Khareba, Graneli, and other. And the Kindzmarauli corporation wine house. We offer you comfortable rental cars in Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia. We also have border crossing service in Azerbaijan and Armenia; our company can prepare all the necessary documents. Moreover,  you can hire an experienced English-speaking driver depending on your desire. At the same time, travel agency “FSTA TOUR” offers you one-day and multi-day tours around Georgia. Our offer consists of different categories of tours, such as tours with cars, wine tours, tours around Tbilisi and etc. Moreover, we can offer you tailor-made tours.You can choose the duration of the tour, desired location, cities depending on your preferences. Our experienced, English speaking guide will serve you. Also, we will provide minibus or minivan for the tour(depending on the number of passengers).  

A ticket to the 5th century BCE - Mtskheta, Georgia

A ticket to the 5th century BCE - Mtskheta, Georgia

July 29

Mtskheta, the fascinating heritage and place of influential landmarks of Georgia. It was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom from the 3rd century BCE to 5th century CE; the location where Christianity was proclaimed as the kingdom’s official religion and continents to function as the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Here, you can find a ticket to the 5th century BCE and travel all the way through to mid-antiquity.

  1. Jvari Monastery
Jvari translated as “The Monastery of the Cross”, is a 6th Century Monastery. It is located on a mountaintop with a great view of the meeting between the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers as well as the entire city of Mtskheta. Jvari is one of the best place for those looking for traveling back in time and enjoy the architecture of the Middle Ages.  
  1. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage listing because of its glorious architecture. It was the religious center for all Christians for many centuries. There is one legend that a seamless robe of Jesus Christ is buried within the temple. Another legend states that King Giorgi ordered the hand of amputated Svetitskhoveli’s architect so that he could never recreate something so beautiful ever again.  
  1. Samtavisi
A magnificent sample of Georgian medieval architecture dating back to the 11th century. Samtavisi has since been damaged several times by earthquakes and was reconstructed both in the 15th and 19th centuries.    

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