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Gio Gio
Gio Gio
posted 1 year ago

FSTA planned a trip in Georgia for me and my family. It was fantastic, The driver was very professional, everything was amazing. Thank you for the great trip. Recommended agency, Highest service and very very comfortable car, Toyota 4Runner 5 stars. 100% insurance, 24/7 assistance and free delivery i was surprised. I will be your customer in future too...

FSTA RENT CAR is a car rental agency in Tbilisi, Georgia. The company has been operating in Georgia for many years and occupies one of the leading positions in Georgian car rental.

Since the founding of the company, we have served hundreds of customers and provided comprehensive services ranging from car rental to tours in Georgia.

The reason for our success is the high quality of service and auto insurance, taking into account the requirements of customers.

All our rental cars are 100% insured, also you will be served by 24/7 support.

Free delivery in Tbilisi international airport.

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Kakheti is one of the best places in Georgia to discover

Kakheti is one of the best places in Georgia to discover

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Georgia is famous for its culture, hospitability, cuisine, nature and many other things. One of the best places to discover all of these things is Kakheti  located in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti to the mountains of Tusheti. The capital of this region is Telavi, and despite Telavi, it has 7 administrative districts.

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A ticket to the 5th century BCE - Mtskheta, Georgia

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Mtskheta, the fascinating heritage and place of influential landmarks of Georgia. It was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom from the 3rd century BCE to 5th century CE; the location where Christianity was proclaimed as the kingdom’s official religion and continents to function as the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Here, you can find a ticket to the 5th century BCE and travel all the way through to mid-antiquity.