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The situation in Georgia about the covid-19 Pandemic is steadily changing, and we are currently one of the safest destinations in Europe.

Metekhi Cathedral

Metekhi Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is situated on the left
bank of the Mtkvari River in old Tbilisi’s ancient historical district of Metekhi.

The largest sanctuary of the temple is St. Shushanik’s tomb.
Following the ecclesiastical split between Armenians and Georgians in the
early 7th century, Catholicos Kyrion relocated the
saint’s relics from Tsurtavi to the Metekhi shrine.
The remains of the Holy Queen can be found in the deacon’s seat.
Queen Tamar is said to have adorned the Blessed Queen’s body with
gilded garments and paid her special homage.
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Mother of Georgia

Taking the road west in front of the fortress walls, past the Kartlis Deda memorial,
from the fortress entrance (Mother Georgia).
This 20-meter-tall aluminium lady wielding a massive sword and a holy bottle.
This is a well-known landmark in Tbilisi. She stands in the center of the mountain,
facing the Caspian Sea. Symbolizes the drive to keep the peace and protect the homeland.


The Narikala Fortress is currently the most popular tourist attraction in Tbilisi.
It is impossible to leave Tbilisi without seeing this incredible fortress,
which is particularly stunning at night. The Narikala Fortress commands attention
from both sides of Tbilisi and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.
Narikala is much more stunning because it looks out over the Mtkvari River.
A wall that runs between the sulphur baths and the Tbilisi Botanical Garden
divides Narikala into two parts.

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Sighnaghi is a municipality in the Kakheti district of Georgia.
The territory of the Sighnaghi district was previously known
as Kambechovani and was later renamed Kiziki. This aspect gained prominence
after Christianity was recognized as the state religion in Georgia.
St. Nino was executed and buried in this place.
Sighnaghi is a Turkish term that means “security.”
The landscape of Sighnaghi Municipality is varied.
There are clear woods, vast meadows, and open spaces here.
The Kilakupra mud volcanoes are an especially exotic sight.
You can also see some of the region’s most important temples.
The monasteries of Bodbe and Hirs are particularly well-known.
The architectural style of Sighnaghi is breathtaking, as are the views
of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.
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Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity is a 2200 meter above sea level architectural complex
in Georgia’s Kazbegi municipality. The local temple was Trinity Gorge.
The Trinity Dome (30s of the 14th century),
the bell tower (second half of the 14th century), and the Council House
are all part of the fence-enclosed compound (15th century). On November 7,
2006, the President of Georgia issued a decree designating Gergeti Trinity
as an Immovable Cultural Monument of National Importance.

The temple’s scheme is straightforward. It is built around a cross,
with a rectangle similar to a square occupying the space between.
The temple’s dome is supported by the apse’s walls and two free-standing towers.
The temple is made of squares of smooth andesite.


Gori Fortress

Gori Fortress is situated in the city of Gori, on a strategic rocky hill
from which you can see the roads approaching from afar.
The building layer of Gori Fortress is seen at various times,
but the old traces are almost totally removed with new construction. Currently,
only the ruins of Gori Fortress that survived the 1920 earthquake exist.
The castle’s walls lead to a rocky slope, which gives it an unusual appearance.
The castle is very long on the east-west axis. The Liakhvi River,
which flows a new distance, was near the former hill’s eastern side.
The fort’s engineers made good use of this, and the fort’s walls
were taken down to the water. This is depicted in a painting
by the Italian missionary Christopher Castelli, completed in 1633.
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The situation in Georgia about the covid-19 Pandemic is steadily changing,
and we are currently one of the safest destinations in Europe.
It contributes to the country’s return to its former glory days, when
“Georgia” meant one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.