Cheers Chiatura – Place Where Favorable Journeys Begin

CheerWelcome to Chiatura, a town in western Georgia, known for its Soviet-era engineering marvel – the Chiatura Aerial Tramway. Explore this charming town surrounded by lush landscapes and cliffs, and unlock its hidden treasures with the ideal companion, a rented car.

Must-See Attractions:

Cable cars

Chiatura is famous for its distinctive cable cars system. The Soviet era cable cars, suspended above scenic landscapes, provide an unforgettable experience for visitors. Exploring Chiatura’s cable cars is a must for travelers looking for a unique adventure and peek into the town’s industrial history.

Mgvimevi Monastery Serenity

Take a scenic drive to Mgvimevi Monastery, an ancient complex providing a peaceful escape with its historic church and tranquil setting.

Katskhi Pillar: A Spiritual Retreat

Experience the unique and inspiring climb up the Katskhi Pillar, offering spectacular views, historical richness, and a touch of adventure.

Mountain, Church Georgia: Hidden Village Retreat

Explore the quiet and charming village of Kveda Beretisa, a haven for authentic Georgian village experiences surrounded by lush forests and pristine nature.

Beretiseli Hotel: Your Home Away from Home

As you explore Kveda Beretisa, the Beretiseli Hotel offers a warm and welcoming stay, providing not just accommodation but an immersive experience with comfortable rooms, traditional Georgian hospitality, and stunning views.

FSTA Car Rental Service: Your Gateway to Exploration

To truly experience the beauty of Kveda Beretisa, rely on FSTA Car Rental Service, ensuring a seamless journey with a wide range of well-maintained vehicles. It's not just transportation; it's a journey of discovery.

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In Conclusion: Cheers Chiatura!a

With FSTA Car Rental Service and Beretiseli Hotel, be a part of an incredible journey, unlocking the secrets of Chiatura and Kveda Beretisa. Embrace the charm, explore with ease, and relish the memories of a truly enchanting experience. Share your discovery and let the world witness the hidden beauty you've found.