TOYOTA SEQUOIA - Rental cars in Tbilisi, Georgia

Period / Price

1-3 day
55 30
4-7 day
30 27
7-13 day
27 23
14-more day
23 21

Period / Price

  • Passengers:
  • Fuel type:
  • Transmission:
  • Propulsion:
  • Engine:
  • Liters/100km:
  • Doors:
  • Air conditioner:
  • GPS Navigator:
  • Winter tires:
Rental Price: 0 0 0 Delivery / Pickup: 0 0 0
Car Location: Tbilisi Deposit Required: 0 0 0
total: 0 0 0

details of the rental car:

TOYOTA SEQUOIA- is a comfortable 4×4 car with an automatic gearbox. It is designed for 7 passengers, with a large trunk. It is convenient in the city and also on the road, it has good clearance. Works on gasoline. It is quite convenient for family, friends and also for couples.

The company “FSTA RENT CAR” offers you comfortable automobiles for rent, both in Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia. All the automobiles are insured by 100%.
The price of a rental car includes:

  • The price of insurance
  • 24/7 Help with any kind of problems
  • Free transfer to Tbilisi districts and the airport.

We also have border crossing service in Azerbaijan and Armenia, our company can prepare all the necessary documents.
Depending on your desire you can hire an experienced English speaking driver.

At the same time, travel agency “FSTA TOUR” offers you tours for one and number of days around Georgia. Our offer consists of different categories of tours, such as tours with automobiles, wine tours, tours around Tbilisi, etc.
Also, we can offer you tailor-made tours, depending on your interests you can choose the duration of the tour, desired location, cities and we will be serving you with our experienced, English speaking guide, comfortable automobile, such as minibus or minivan (depending on the number of the passengers).

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