Vardzia  is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia, 30 kilometres from Aspindza. It is 1,5 hours driving from Borjomi, approximately in 70 km from Borjomi city. You may choose one of FSTA Cars and take a tour on your own or with driver. See the link of FSTA Cars.

The caves are very exciting reminding you of Cappadocia in Turkey.

The King Giorgi III, who ruled in 1156 -1184, decided to build a town-fortress to  protecti the land - Akhalkalaki, Khertvisi, Tmogvi, and Mgeltsikhe. He decided to build it not as an ordinary fortress but as a huge fortified military quarter with a permanent large and ready-to-attack garrison.

Giorgi III did not finish the building of Vardzia. The construction was brought to an end by his daughter Queen Tamar.

Vardzia cave complex consists of approximately 600 rooms survived of a total 3 000, cut in the rock and located in five, six, seven and sometimes twelve tiers, which included stables, barracks, bakeries, wine presses and stores.

According to a legend, Queen Tamar had 366 rooms in Vardzia so that enemies could never find out where her bedroom was.

The extended area of Vardzia-Khertvisi has been submitted for future inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Huge cave city carved into sandstone cliffs from the 1100's. Monastery and homes carved into the cliffs. Monks are still in residence and keep at least one Georgian Orthodox chapel open to the public. Lots of open rooms and tunnels through the Cliffside. In the daytime they usually work in the field.

There are lots of paintings, one of those wall paintings portray queen Tamar alongside her uncle Giorgi third. Also Vardzia's paintings represent significant monument of the Georgian monumental painting.

This excursion requires a lot of walking, mostly uphill.  All Georgian loves this too-they are very proud of this attraction.

Vardzia is impressive from the distance and when entering the caves as well. Take the full tour and since this is a round trip (you will not return the same way you climbed).

It is well worth a visit to see how people lived at the time!

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