Rabati Fortress
Carefully restored Rabati castle is a beautiful masterpiece. A lot to see! There is even castle within a castle. The castle is the significant part of the region’s cultural heritage. Museum include manuscripts and old printed books (Dating to 11th - 17th cc.), photos, archaeological, numismatic and ethnographic collections, textile collection (rugs and carpets of 19th -20th cc.) as well as collection of ancient inscriptions cut on stone are of high importance. 

Administrative building, Mosque, Ruins of a Medresa (Islamic school) - belong to the Museum.

It has lots of history, and is the most significant restoration project done in Georgia during the last 10 years. It's located about halfway between Borjomi and Vardzia, so it is convenient to visit on the way to Vardzia.

First of all, this castle has been rebuilt from ruins. It's basically brand new. People say this doesn't even look like the original castle plan.

There are church, mosque, synagogue, small park, History Museum, various shops, hotels and civil registry office inside the fortress walls. If you decide to stay there, you may book rooms in a hotel, restaurants and wine shops are also there. You may stay and enjoy its’ beauty, silence and just relax.

The Rabati fortress has excellent view: there are four towers above the walls, where you can go up the winding stairs. Each of them has a wonderful view of Akhaltsikhe and its surroundings, but if this does seem not enough, then you can get to the citadel roof in the western part of the fortress where you get the best ever view.
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