Okatse Canyon
No doubt one of the most amazing places in Georgia. You’ll be fascinated by beautiful mountains, fields, rivers, waterfalls and canyons! 

It has been recently adapted for tourists. The work took about 2 years (project has started in 2014) and now length of the route around the canyon is about 2 kilometers.

You may walk or take car directly to the bridge, but you will miss fantastic trees along the road and lots of amazing views. The road is not easy, as you have to go up and down following the relief of the area, you’ll get tired but it’s worth it.

As for the bridge, it’s 800 m long, where you are about 50 m above the canyon. None of you should be afraid, as it is safe and cameras are almost everywhere in case of emergency.

When you finally reach the descent, here starts your adventures. Firstly, you have to walk down 544 stairs on the height of 140 m. This is amazing beauty, you may also see the mountain river coming down between the white limestone of the canyon. The stream is very strong and you can here clearly its’ noise.

Finally, when you approach the edge of the observation desk, you may see the whole path you’ve covered. Many people can’t walk the edge but some are brave enough and take amazing photos. You should not miss that chance too.

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Totally recommended to visit Okatse Canyon for every person who loves nature or extremal sports.