Prometheus Cave
Prometheus  cave is located in western Georgia. It was discovered in  Imereti region in 1984. The cave is one of Georgia’s natural wonders.

The cave is a beautiful and unique, it is surrounded by a beautiful nature. There are 16 halls very differed  from each other. The main path is more than 1 km. The cave is also rich with petrified waterfalls, underground lakes and rivers.  You may walk by foot or by boat with your desire. For the record, Lots of people go there who has asthma problems for therapy.  
The cave is huge, it has wide corridors with 80-100 m. The total length consists of 20,000 m. It has two exits: one of them is through river  by boat and the second one through walking route. 

Prometheus cave is 240 km away from Tbilisi and 40 km from Kutaisi.

Working hours:
From 10:00 to 17:30
Working days: Everyday except Monday

Adult - 10 GEL
Boat - 7 GEL
Civil Marriage Ceremony - 100 GEL

During visiting Prometheus cave you may drive to Martvili canyon too, it is very close. See the blog of Martvili canyon.

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