Georgian Wine
Askaneli Brothers 
The history of the Company began in 19th century, when Antimoz Chkhaidze, the ancestor of the owners of the Company Askaneli Brothers and the initiator of the family business found the cellar in Askana village, the picturesque place in Guria (Western Georgia).

So Askaneli Brothers succeeds more than century of great Georgian traditions and know-how.
Today Askaneli Brothers combines the viticultural traditions of the regions with the most up to date winemaking technology. Traditional Georgian method: natural fermentation from 100% grape juice with no added sugar, exclusive technology ( some recipes had been handed from generation to generation ), modern and very strict control of the manufacturing process, advanced bottling line ensure the highest quality of wine from the Company Askaneli Brothers.
Askaneli Brothers owns 100 hectares of land in Kvareli region, 53 hectares in Eniseli, 40 hectares in Chabukiani, the famous Georgian wine-making regions.

Business is well-organized and working: production, good distribution, considerable share of market. The main countries of business activities are: Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine.
The Company is able to offer wide range of products:
32 items of white ( dry, naturally semi-sweet, fortified ) and red ( dry, semi-dry, naturally semi-sweet ) wines in glass bottles, souvenir clay bottles and bag-in-boxes, including the exclusive noble wine Askaneli;12 items of Georgian brandies; 4 items of chacha ( Georgian vodka ).

Every name of wine is produced according to definite grape variety, region of growing and the very place of growing. Some grape varieties are not cultivated anywhere else except Georgia and are really rare.
Wines from the Company Askaneli Brothers earned many International awards, prizes and medals for the highest quality.

JSC Bagrationi 1882 is the first specialized company in Georgian producing sparkling wine in Georgia. The Company was founded in 1937. Nowadays Bagrationi 1882 is the leader of sparkling wines market in Georgia.
The name of JSC Bagrationi 1882 is connected to the name of Georgian Kings descendent Ivane Bagrationi –Mukhraneli, who started production of Georgian sparkling wines using French method of second fermentation in bottles in the middle of XIX century. For the first time the production acquired the world-wide acknowledgment in 1882 in Saint-Petersburg where it was awarded the highest prize - Grand Prix on the International Exhibition. 

Nowadays, after 125 years, JSC Bagrationi 1882 is the most popular not only on the local market but throughout the entire Caucasus as well. 

Georgia, located at Black Sea coast, surrounded by the Caucasian mountains, is then native land of winemaking and vineyards. Bagrationi 1882 well acknowledges the responsibility of Georgian wine culture and traditions retaining. Such a high requirement towards the quality of the production is the obvious evidence thereto.
Bagrationi 1882 plant is completely updated and equipped with the advanced Italian installations. Wine champagnization is implemented through bottle as well as reservoir method. 

Along with well-developed material and technical basis Bagrationi 1882 possesses own vineyards within the most prestigious micro zones of Georgia in Imeteri and Kartli regions. 

Experience and contemporary technologies merging is the most favorable precondition for the sparkling wine production with the best, unique taste.

Chateau Mukhrani
In 2003, International Group Marussia Beverages with Georgian partners founded the Château Mukhrani Company. The Group intended to revive the Estate to its former glory and re-establish production at Mukhrani, combining modern and traditional technologies. New Investment Group aims to create strong international brands, which will serve as a profound representative of Georgian wine on the international market.

In 2007, Château Mukhrani is starting to build its modern wine making facility. This is when the Company is joined by the Chief Winemaker Lado Uzunashvili.

The same year 2007, the Company is making its own wine from the grapes harvested in its own vineyards. Vineyards are the key to making the wine exquisite and truly unique. The cellars are adjacent to the vineyards and grapes need max 15 minutes to travel to the processing point.

Teliani Valley
JSC Teliani Valley was founded in 1997 on the basis of “Teliani Winery of Vintage Wines”, which was built in 19th century in Tsinandali, in the neighborhood of Teliani’s vineyards. Tsinandali, due to peculiarities of its soil and microclimate, has always been the center of Georgian viticulture. Here in 1886-1887, at the place of the old wine cellar and winery of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, a two-storey, 150 thousand-bucket winery was built by the decree of the Russian Emperor’s brother Michael Romanov. In 1891 Mossano, French winemaker from Bordeaux was invited to this cellar.

Mossano worked in Georgia for 9 years. He was first who introduced the European wine making technologies to Georgia from local vines. With his initiative various French grape species were brought to Georgia and cultivated. From all the foreign varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon, cultivated on Teliani Valley appeared to be the best. Mossano made Teliani wine from this grape. He send the first bottle to Emperor in Petersburg. The bottle had white paper attached saying “Cabernet-Sauvignon, From Teliani Valley 1893, Antoin Mossano”.

Emperor’s surrounding liked the wine very much. It was Mossano and wine Teliani, that made famous this small Valley situated on the fertile land of Kakheti. One can find Teliani and other Georgian-French wines and brandy of different harvests in old cellar of Tsinandali…

More than a century has passed from the first harvest of Teliani, legend about Mossano has faded away, however, one thing has remain unchanged, this is Teliani Valley, under the name of which Georgian wine has been produced for more than a century.

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