Batumi is located in south-western Georgia, 350 kilometers away from Tbilisi. Batumi is famous with its beauty, illuminated boulevard and palm trees, singing fountains with laser shows, unimaginable upside-down buildings, Georgian traditional and modern restaurants.

For fun, you can visit the night clubs  on the boulevard, where mostly foreign DJ-s play. Among them is "Sector 26".

There is a bike path on the boulevard, you can walk by bike and explore  the coast. Bicycles can be rented  with special cards on terminal. The entire perimeter of the boulevard parking consists of 120 bicycles. Rental fee for an Hour-2 Gel. Cards can be purchased at the Tourist information on the Boulevard.

Private Bike rental is not a problem, you can rent bikes on cash. You can see them in almost every 50 meters. The cost of half an hour is 3-4 Gel, 1 hour- 5 Gel.

Will be great if you visit "Sarpi" in summer, the sea is very clear and  clean there. Sarpi is 19 kilometers away from Batumi and you can get in  there in 30 minutes by car or mini-bus.

If you want to enjoy the attractions, then go to the "Tsitsinatela", which is in 5 kilometers from Kobuleti and you may see it from the road. As for Kobuleti, it is about 30 kilometers from Batumi.

Batumi Sightseeings

Batumi Dolphinarium

If you are staying in Batumi, you should go to the aquarium, which inhabit 60 species of animals. The most notable is the Black Sea’s Shark.  The important part of the aquarium is the Dolphinarium, where many locals and  tourists go.


Batumi Botanical Garden
There is also Botanical Garden in Batumi, spanning over 111 hectares, consists of unique varieties of plants.The garden was founded by Russian scientist Andrey Krasov in 1912 by the principle of the well-known Hanging Gardens of Babylon.There are up to 5,000 different plants in the garden, including those from Mexico, Australia and the Himalayas.

Fortress of Gonio
15 kilometers outside of Batumi is the well-known fortress of Gonio, which holds the status of museum-reserve. In 1974, a treasure trove with marvelous jewelry and ancient coins inside was discovered near the citadel. 

Gonio Fortress had a great importance, it was defending the population from certain hazards from the Pirats. For this strategic sense is explained its grandiosity. Fortress construction date is not known. Gonio is currently experiencing a tourism boom. Most tourists come from Tbilisi in the summer months to enjoy beaches that are generally regarded as cleaner than Batumi's beaches (located 15 km to the north).

In 7  kilometers away from Kobuleti, in the village of Tsikhisdziri, lies the Petra town-fortress, which dates back to the 6th century. Nowadays, visitors can see the preserved ruins of citadels and residential buildings from the antique era here. Some suggest that Petra is the prototype of the legendary Kajeti Fortress from Shota Rustaveli’s poem Knight in the Tiger’s Skin.

How to get  to Batumi?
You can rent one of FSTA Cars with good deals. 24 h support and full insurance.

Travel duration may be 4-5 hours from the fact, that from Rikoti to Zestaponi (55 kilometers) the road is sinuous, this part takes some time. 

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