Kakheti- one of the most important place of Georgian Wine
If you are planing to visit Georgia, you should visit Kakheti region, which  is located in Eastern part of Georgia. It is one of the most important places of Georgian wine. 
The centre of Kakheti is Telavi. There are lots of beautiful places in this region to see. See the other sites of Kakheti ⇒

Alazani Valley
Kakheti is also home to the renowned Alazani Valley, famous for its fertile lands, vine yards and wine. There are two national parks in Kakheti: Vashlovani and Lagodekhi. 

VaShlovani National Park
Vashlovani National Park is located in the south-east of the region, in eastern part of Georgia, 200 km from Tbilisi, at the border with Azerbaijan. Park  offers visitors horse-riding tours, camping locations and legal fishing. Forests are home to brown bears, wolves and foxes. The main pride of the reserve are leopards, which were discovered Vashlovani in 2004. It is possible to move on foot, by boat or by car.

Lagodekhi Park
Lagodekhi Park, located in eastern Kakheti, is known for its waterfalls. The height of some of the waterfalls reaches up to 100 meters. The smallest one Shromiskhevi waterfall is only 8 meters in height.

Kvareli and Lopota Lake 
Kakheti is also home to the beautiful Kvareli and Lopota Lakes and Georgia’s only mud volcanos, located on the Akhtala resort, near the town of Gurjaani. Kvareli lake is located in 150 km from Tbilisi and Lopota Lake in 115 km from the capital.
There are arranged areas  around Lopota lake, where you can sit and talk and enjoy nature, spend time with friends. You may have fun with many ways, including tennis courts, mini-golf yards, billiards…

The region is rich with historic monuments. The desert part of Kakheti houses the famous cave monastery complex David-Gareji, the region is located in 60–70 km from Tbilisi.
The complex was founded in the 6th century.

Sighnagi, also known as the City of Love.
Sighnaghi is currently one of the most beautiful city, with its architectural look established over time, and its natural location: The city overlooks the Alazani open space and the Caucasus mountain range. It is located in 120 kilometers from Tbilisi. You may enjoy with Restaurants and Cafes there and taste different wines.

Bodbe Monastery
According to legend, it was  built on the St.. Nino's funeral site. 
Bodbe Monastery is located in 12 km from Sighnagi.  So you should definitely visit Bodbe after visitining the City of Love (Sighnaghi) and don't miss the chance to get acquainted with the history of Georgia.

How to arrive in Kakheti?
If you want to visit Kakheti on the whole, the most beneficial is to rent a car. Visiting Kakheti by Taxi will not be a wise move, it will be connected to colossal amount of money. We offer you very practical, space efficient and tough cars to visit different regions of Georgia! See the link of FSTA cars ⇒ Click Here!

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