City is  located on the banks of the River Kvirila, originally it was meant as an industrial city - extraction and enrichment of manganese ores (Chiatura manganese deposit), quartz sand, marble quarrying; sand-lime brick factory. Before the discovery of manganese deposits here was a small village that bore the name of Kvirila - after the river, on the banks of which it has grew.

In 1921, the former village became a town.

In the 50s, the Soviet government decided to turn an ordinary industrial town in the "paradise on the earth", with health resorts, holiday homes and parks. One of the projects, "city of the future" was the construction of the so-called "Line 25" - the first Soviet passenger ropeway. The road was built in 1954, linking the center and one of the sleeping areas on the cliff, and is valid for sixty years without interruption. 

Today Chiatura remains the only city in the world with the largest number of cable cars, built in the 1950s, which are used as free public transport.

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