The Katskhi pillar
The fortress of Loneliness
The unique church of Katskhi constructed between VI and VIII centuries at pillar top  tower 40 meters high. The church has pagan roots and in pre-Christian times was a fertility symbol. The pillar represents the calcareous basis which wonderfully has stood apart from a rocky wall of the Katskhi gorge. Today the church represents the orthodox party of Christianity. The first modern mention of the Katskhi pillar belongs to 1944 when the climber Alexander Dzhaparidze has risen by his top, after this expedition the suspended ladder has been established. Rise to church  is allowed only to men, for religious reasons, the similar ban worked in pagan shrines in mountain regions of Georgia with Tusheti and Khevsureti (from this point of view and also  appearance the pillar is very similar to the reduced copy of Greek Meteora ).

Two relics  found here during archaeological researches are stored in the monastery. One of them – the gilded overlays for the Gospel decorated with a vegetable ornament and a gate. Another – a clay jug for water. Scientists relate both finds to the 15-th century. Getting to this sacred place, the person remains alone with himself and God. The Katskhi pillar is located in the western region of Georgia - Imereti, in 11 km from the city of Chiatura, it is convenient to visit  it on the way from Tbilisi to Kutaisi. The good asphalted road with picturesque views goes almost to the pillar, except the last kilometer where the dirty road with concrete plates begins. Car rental service  FSTA  will help to make a trip to this  remarkable place with safety and comfort  www.fstarentcar.com

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